The NÜO story

Nüo was founded Tomas Svenberg, a former member of Sweden’s national rowing team who spent years putting in long indoor training hours through long Swedish winters. During his journey, Tomas realized that working out in the gym wasn’t enough. If he wanted to be the best, he had to train at home, too. But home gym equipment didn’t meet pro athlete standards. So he got to thinking about making a dumbbell that didn’t need racks of weights or time-consuming, tricky adjustments. A dynamic dumbbell with a wide-band of all-in-one weight options to cater for every type of workout matched to revolutionary twist to choose controls. And yes, it would even be stylish.

After decades of research and development, the Nüobell was created!


    • 1997

      NÜO Athletics founder and former member of the Swedish national rowing team, Tomas Svenberg, had an idea. He wanted to create a new type of home gym, a high-tech solution that bridged the gap between high-quality training, variety and great design. So he called his friends and brought together a team with a unique mix of experience in professional engineering and athleticism. OMNIGYM starts to take shape.


    • 2001

      OMNIGYM met the press for the first time at FIBO, the world-leading trade show for commercial training equipment in Germany. This was the first step on what has become a successful global journey.


    • 2006

      “Think again. Make it smarter.” The team at NÜO Athletics experiment with a dumbbell based on the OMNIGYM’s design principles. They build a prototype, register a worldwide patent and launch FLEXBELL, the world’s smartest dumbbell. Designer stores such as Harrods and The Conran Shop in London start to sell the second generation of OMNIGYM.


    • 2008

      In co-operation with Johnny Nilsson, professor at The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH), NÜO develops and patents a high-precision gauge system for measuring power effect (WATT) induced from spinning cycles.


    • 2009

      NÜO launches the first commercial generation of FLEXBELL at the ISPO trade show in Munich. The trade press acknowledges the smartness of this ground-breaking athletic innovation.


    • 2010

      Stairmaster (then Startrac) acquires the rights to produce and market the FLEXBELL product in the USA under the brand Twistlock.The OMNIGYM market grows on a global scale with exports to markets such as India, Russia, Indonesia and the USA.


    • 2011

      StarTrac acquires the exclusive rights to use our patented high-precision gauge system to be sold under the brand Spinning.

      OMNIGYM is installed aboard a private yacht for the first time. An acknowledged

      Italian artist decorates the cabinet doors to an OMNIGYM, later sold at an auction for € 12 000.


    • 2013

      A new generation of NÜOBELL is launched. With higher quality materials, refined engineering and higher capacity, we prepare for in-house production and marketing.


    • 2015

      NÜO launches the first commercial generation of NUOBELL at the ISPO trade show in Munich. The trade press acknowledges the smartness of this ground-breaking athletic innovation.

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